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Indian Pebbles-cobbles

Pebble Stones: are small roundish Stones which could be either machined or normal. Machined Pebbles are expensive than common and both are sold per metric ton. Pebbles are utilized as embellishing stones and come in different shades and sizes and discover use in homes, artificial ponds, fountains, posh lounges, open air theatres, aquaria, parks, out houses and gardens.


Cobblestone: is a common block, obtained from mining stone. Its texture resembles an uneven,roughly paved surface. Cobblestone is mainly used for crafting or as a common building block.Cobbles are generally used for pavements, outhouses, pool-side. They are sold in metric tons. These are handsplit. Cobbles of Sand stone and Granite are available in ready stock. We manufacture cobbles of sandstone like kandla grey, autumn brown, mandana, modak etc.


Pebbles and Cobbles is mainly using for pavements exported by Indian Stone Inc we export all types of cobblestone and pebbles  such as Marble Cobbles,Sandstone Cobbles,River Pebble,pebbles Mosaic,black pebble stones and many more

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