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Rajasthan Sandstone

Rajasthan being the biggest producer is a paramount sandstone producing stateĀ of India. It is an amazing building stone. This can be etched and dressed to a smooth surface in different alluring shapes. The sandstone has a verity of employments, for example, material, ground surface, clearing, paneling, pillars, columns, curves, entryways and window ledges, divider confronting, wall posts, developments and so forth. It is particularly valuable for outer surface cladding in ocean shore structures because of corrosive & warm safe properties. In that capacity the impact of saline winds is irrelevant on sandstone. It is additionally suitable for utilization in synthetic commercial enterprises as deck, divider altering & lining because of its corrosive and antacid safe properties. It is additionally suitable for cutting and making windows and jallis. The sandstone is continuously quarried and utilized from hundreds of years and various chronicled structures and landmarks, for example, Budhist Stupas of Sarnath, Red Fort, Sansad Bhawan, Rashtrapati Bhawan, and National Museum , Delhi; Chhitar Palace, Jodhpur and so forth are made of sandstone.

Rajasthan Sandstone due to its normal sheets, uniform grain size, suitable nature and strength, has been utilized widely as a part of Rajasthan as well as in Northern India and even exported to Canada, Japan, and Middle East nations.


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